Teiga. noun (pl. Teighe). - genoese dialect name for pod.

I went around the world speaking my dialect and I was always able to come back home.


We chose a word of the genoese dialect to name our company because we love to describe complicate things by using simple terms.

Genoese dialect is the “dancing accent” (quoting Francesco Guccini) way of speaking, used by our grandparents to tell us fairy tales and stories, we still employ as a sort of saying.

Teiga is a simple word that reminds us of a grandma sitting at the kitchen table and gently opening legumes pods in order to extract beans and peas to prepare a soup for dinner.

If our grandparents were still with us and asked “What does your company do?”, we would say, by using the pod example, that “our company is a sort of pod containing different interests and different expertises: a pod that opens up and shows the products and the activities we can offer our clients”.