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Pet Bowl Diet

Pet Bowl Diet is a management software that offers the professional vet and biologist the necessary tools for compiling a balanced diet based on fresh food. By entering the main info of the animal (age, breed, weight, etc.), the user can fill in the weekly menu with a few simple steps by entering the main foods of the diet.

Thanks to its automatic calculations, Pet Bowl Diet allows you to obtain the total daily weight of food to be assigned to the diet, the energy requirement and the essential nutrients that make up the diet.

Pet Bowl Diet also allows the management of the database of customers and their pets and allows the storage of the history of diets previously created with the program.

Pet Bowl Diet was developed in collaboration with Dr. Annalisa Barera, Italian biologist nutritionist for companion animals and specialist in clinical pathology. Dr. Barera personally oversaw the scientific contributions of this program such as the calculations necessary to determine the weekly requirements of the animal and the compilation of the nutritional values of all the foods present in the internal database provided with the program.

Are you a veterinarian or a biologist? Contact us to buy Pet Bowl Diet now.

Are you the owner of a pet and do you want to suggest to your vet to use Pet Bowl Diet to provide your animal friend with a homemade diet consisting of fresh food? Recommend to them this site so he can buy Pet Bowl Diet today!

Pet Bowl Diet is a complete and functional management software with which you can:
  • Compile a weekly menu with about 80 foods divided into 10 categories.
  • Store the data relating to animals and customers.
  • Store the history of diets for each individual animal.
  • Export to PDF and print the diets.
  • [PRO version] Add new foods to the database in the 10 basic categories.
  • [PRO version] Add foods in a new category.
  • [PRO version] Insert two different items in the menu foods of the same category.
  • [PRO version] Fully customize the PDF file of the diet.


Pet Bowl Diet is written completely in Italian (both software and manual). However, we are available to provide full support to not Italian speaking users.
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DEMO Version

The Demo version of Pet Bowl Diet is available for demonstration purposes. A database with three fictitious animals and a customer is included. With the DEMO you can:
  • Create a new diet;
  • Edit an existing diet;
  • View the customer database and animals;
  • Export the created diets in PDF format.

€ 0

BASIC Version

The Basic version of Pet BowlDiet contains a complete set of about 80 foods divided into 10 categories (sources of animal proteins, vegetables, sources of carbohydrates, offal, omega6, omega3, supplements, meaty bones, dairy products, eggs). The foods stored in the database have been chosen from among those of home origin, which makes it possible to supply a diet consisting of fresh raw material, more easily controllable in its quality. Pet BowlDiet is a valid tool for the daily work of the professional.

€ 450,00

(price excluding VAT 22%)

PRO Version

The Pro version of Pet Bowl Diet allows you to add new foods to the database supplied with the program for each of the ten basic categories. Moreover, a new category that allows the insertion of extra foods is added. It is also possible to insert, in each day of the week of the diet, two different foods for the same category. Thanks to Pet Bowl Diet Pro you can completely customize your diets.

€ 550,00

(price excluding VAT 22%)

Basic-to-Pro Upgrade

€ 150,00

(price excluding VAT 22%)

Conditions of purchase

Download the Demo version of Pet Bowl Diet here. Follow the instructions to install the software. For any problems do not hesitate to contact us.

Note: Some functions of the software are blocked. To be able to use the program completely, you need to purchase either the BASIC or the PRO version. The software is tested under Windows 10. The software is available only in Italian.

Installation instructions

  • Download the file PetBowlDiet.7z;
  • Unpack (*) the archive in a folder of your choice;
  • Double click on the "setup.exe" file and follow the onscreen instructions.
(*) We recommend using the free program 7-Zip to unpack the archive.
Download here the Pet Bowl Diet manual in PDF format.
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The video tutorials of Pet Bowl Diet are a useful tool for learning the main functions of the software. The first four videos show you the common features of both BASIC and PRO Versions. The last twos show the advaced features you can only find in the PRO version of Pet Bowl Diet.

Go to YouTube playlist (all videos are in Italian).
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For buying as well as for any request about the software, please do no hesitate to contact us.

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